The demand to hear the with Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers is enormous, Les McKeown is the voice on all the hit's, Les is touring the UK, Japan, Germany, Canada and the USA over the last three decades with his band and is still "at it" today in 2018. Still performing to fanatical crowds, audiences are treated to all the old hits retaining all the original sound and vocal magic.  

Si 'Roller': Bass Guitar/Vocals.
Si Roller's initial visit to this planet was only supposed to last for some 24 months with its prime directive being to lay down a series of deliciously groovy bass lines across the highlands and lowlands of Britain and observe their effect on the populous.

However, not long into this 2-year mission, Si's less than covert musical activities came to the attention of Leslie McKeown who convinced him to join his merry band of travelling Scottish minstrels. For Si (or 'S1" as he is known on his home planet) this seemed to offer the perfect opportunity to continue with his musical experiments. Unfortunately, though, a catastrophic miscalculation of the series of fundamental tones divided by the harmonic series left Si somewhat stranded in a sea of tartan tranquillity.

And thus he remains to this day, laying down the big bass bottom end of the Legendary Rollers sound

Scott 'ROLLER' McGowan:  Guitar/Keyboards/Bass

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Darren Lee - Drums


Since moving from Australia 13 years ago Darren has become an established UK based drummer. Originally from Manchester, he grew up in South Australia and it was within the pubs and clubs of Australia where he developed his style. Known for his no-nonsense, solid approach to playing, Darren always plays for the song and takes pride in driving a band and supporting whatever artist he is working with. Currently based in the South East of England he has toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe & Australia with various artists.


Darren first played with Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers on their 2018 UK tour and is looking forward to joining the band on their upcoming tour of Japan in 2019.


PHIL 'ROLLER': Lead Guitar/Vocals














Phil Hendriks was (and still is) the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter in Powerpop-punk band The Stiffs, who recorded for EMI and Stiff Records at the beginning of the 1980s with some moderate 'indie' success. Over recent years Phil's name has become familiar to many music collectors, after writing liner notes for over a hundred CD reissue albums of music by 1970s artists. He has also recorded with the likes of Graham Oliver (Saxon), Overend Watts (Mott The Hoople) and Alan Merrill (Arrows). For the last couple of years, he has toured as guitarist with the reformed '70s UK and U.S. chart-toppers - 'Paper Lace'.
Phil served his 'Roller apprenticeship' playing guitar in original BCR guitarist Eric Faulkner's band between 2008 and Summer 2011. He joined 'Les McKeown's Legendary 1970s Bay City Rollers' as lead guitarist in October 2011, shortly before Les's 2011 Canadian tour."